Our top 10 reasons to get a massage

We all feel stressed out or overtired every once in a while, and getting a massage is proven to be an excellent way to relieve stress and muscular pain in the head, face, neck, back, legs and feet making us feel fresh and renewed as a result.

So here are our top 10 reasons to get you a massage:

1. Relaxing your muscles helps release the tension you gathered through physical efforts.

2. Massages reduce your cortisol levels, therefore, they help reduce blood pressure.

3. Some studies confirmed that massages do reduce neck and back chronic pains.

4. By relaxing your body massages can help you fall to sleep.

5. In second hand to reducing stress, it also prevents its side effects like the wearing of the immune system.

6. Massages can help with the swelling and mood changes of a woman’s premenstrual syndrome.

7. Improvement in your blood flow results in a healthier hair and skin.

8. Studies have stated that people who receive massages periodically have an improved state of alert.

9. Massages in the head may help reduce headaches.

10. Elevates your endorphin levels making you a happier person.

Now you know our top 10 reasons to get a massage, go get yours.

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