10 Legit Reasons to Get a Massage

Massage is a therapy which heals your body and helps your muscles to relax. If you have been thinking about getting one for a while and delaying it due to lack of reasons to get one, then read on. Here is a list of legitimate reasons to get a massage now.

1) Massage is the best muscle relaxant. The rhythmic movement of hands with the right pressure works like a charm to relieve tension and stress from the muscles of your body. Massage helps to drain the lactic acid build up in your muscles, thereby reducing soreness and tension.

2) Massage helps to reduce stress. Lying in a soothing environment of essential oils and feeling relaxed help decrease cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone and can cause some nasty ailments. Hence, getting a massage will help lower overall stress levels of your body.

3) Massage helps to reduce headaches and is used to manage certain migraines.

4) It helps to destress and sleep better.

5) Helps Manage Pain. Massage has been proven to alleviate certain aches such as lower backache, neck pain and shoulder pain. It can also help with pain in the legs and knees.

6) Helps improve Lymph Drainage: Your body has a Lymphatic system which helps to clear out fats and other toxins. Massage, because of the rhythmic pressure application, stimulates the lymphatic nodes and helps lymph drainage.

7) Massage helps to clear out toxins from the body as pressure is applied to deep levels of the skin.

8) It also helps to improve blood circulation and overall flexibility of the body.

9) Massage helps to improve and correct posture. Due to prolonged sitting, rounded shoulders, backaches and neck pain are becoming common ailments. Massage helps to correct them and improve posture my strengthening the muscles.

10) Massage helps improves the overall quality of life as it decreases stresses and improves relaxation of the body. Also, as it improves blood circulation and lymph drainage, the body gets healthier which helps one stay in a good state of mind.

With all that in mind, always remember to use a fully qualified masseuse who has done a deep tissue massage course or been to a massage school, as they really do know exactly what they are doing.

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