Taking An Extra Step To Making A Safe Home For Your Family

By Bob the cleaner 23/08/2018 0

Mom, do you know the chemicals and toxins that are currently in your home? Believe it or not but your home may contain some big threats to the health of your precious loved ones in your home.

Do you currently wash clothes or dishes? Do you brush your teeth or shampoo your hair? Or maybe you and your children love bubble baths. If you do any of the above daily chores you may be vulnerable to chemicals and toxins that you are unaware of lurking in your thought to be safe home. You could be using common household products on a daily basis that could be harming you or your loved ones. read more

Clean And Freshen Your Home Without All Those Irritating Chemicals

By Bob the cleaner 23/08/2018 0

Next time you clean your kitchen or bathroom, take a moment to read the labels of the products you’re using. Then ask yourself if you really want to scour your house with cleansers that carry a skull and crossbones or the words “harmful or fatal if inhaled or swallowed” on the label. Though all of these products are purportedly safe if you follow the proper handling instructions, which are also on the label, let’s face it–when was the last time you cleaned with splash goggles, a face mask, and the window wide open? If you’re like most people, you have inhaled. read more